Violet Kelly

Violet Kelly is a daughter of Aphrodite, she is also the counselor for the Aphrodite Cabin.


I am Violet Kelly and I am 19. I ran away from home when I was 13. Let’s just say my dad and I never say eye to eye. He never told me who my mother was. I got by using my powers. I didn’t know what it was; I just thought I was persuasive. I told people to give me money and they did.

I never knew about this place until my “boyfriend” tried to kill me in the bathroom of a club last year, I was about seventeen. Las Vegas. Good times. Anyway, Lilith, my best friend, burst in. She tackled him and she stabbed him. I screamed, wondering when my life turned into a bad crime show. She turned to me and told me I was the daughter of Aphrodite. My response was a so elegant.

“What the hell are you on?”

She handed a pair of earring. When I held them, they came two long daggers.
“One is made of steel, and the other is made of celestial bronze. Your mother wanted you to have them.”

“Oh my god. You aren’t kidding.”

“Come on! We have to go!” she grabbed my hand and we ran out the back door. We spent the next year living together in New York City, (using my powers to get us across country, of course). She trained me on how to fight and better myself.

Long story short, we got attack while walking home and she told me to find this place. She died and I’m yeah. Whoop-de-fricking-doo.


Appearance: Blonde hair, grey eyes, 5'10. Enough said.

Powers: Ultimate persuasion. Anything I ask you to do. You will do. I promise. I only use it for evil good.

Drawbacks: If I use my persuasion too much, my mouth starts to hurt. It feels like it is on fire until I can’t speak. Once I was mute for two weeks. I have a temper.

Fatal Flaw: I have a hard time trusting people.