Oliver Moore is a son of Aphrodite


Hey so i'm Oliver Moore and Aphrodite is my mother. I've had a pretty normal life compared to some half-bloods, I grew up in good old England with my dad, who's a photographer. When I was 13 we moved across to New York when my dad got a job with Vogue in the city. I was happy for a number of years, recently though something odd happened. I was in a cafe just drinking some tea and a weird woman walked in who seemed to have a donkeys leg and a brass leg. All the other guys in the place seemed instantly taken with her as if she was beautiful, I wasn't convinced though. She noticed me and started over her fingernails lengthening into claws, I decided I would have no such business with her and whacked her round the head with a teapot and knocked her out. I hurried back to my apartment and told my father what had happened. He sighed and told me about my mother and how she was the goddess Aphrodite, he took out a sword and gave it to me explaining that she left it for me. After that he told me to go to camp half-blood where I could be among my own kind.

I'm 18 and I'm quite tall. I have a 'buff' thing going on and my skin has always been flawless. I'm not entirely sure what my sword is made of but it's very shiny and I mostly use it to distract monsters.

Powers wise I'm resistant to charm magic but I do have some 'persuasiveness' myself.