Michaela is a Daughter of Poseidon, Greek God of the Sea. She has been on one quest.

Daughter of Poseidon
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Status At Camp Half-Blood
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Height Short (~5'4")
Affiliation Olympus
Weapons Bow and Arrows (Disguises as Broach)
Species Demigod
Home Camp Half-Blood
Greek/Roman form None
Quests The Quest to Save Zach Winters


I don't know who my mortal parent is, I don't even know my last name, nobody does. I was left at the top of Half Blood hill as a baby, Chiron found me and raised me with the help of everybody at camp. 15 years later and I've never been on a quest, I don't mind, I've never even left camp. I have no idea what mortals are like, well aside from the oracle, but I don't think she counts (no offence). I was claimed at the age of 2 and I've been swimming before I could walk. Everybody was always afraid I would drown so they'd try to keep me away from the water. I don't think they knew that A. I can breath underwater, B. I can control the water, so because of those things I can't drown. I'm almost hopeless with a sword, I'm more of a bow and arrow person. I'm reasonably strong, but put me up in hand to hand combat with almost anybody else and I'm guaranteed to loose. I can do all the usual Poseidon stuff, talk to horses, control water etc. But I've gotten really good at it though, I've accidentally caused a minor tsunami, and the odd earth quake now and then, I have quite a temper. Sorry about that guys! I can't wait for my first quest, I was left with a note when I was dropped off at camp. It just had an address for some house in California and a message saying "When you're ready, come find me. Lots of love, Mum".


Name: Michaela (last name unknown)

Age: 15

Appearance: Long brown hair, green eyes, averagely tanned skin, short.

Powers: I can control water, breath underwater, create minor earthquakes and tsunamis

Weapons: Bow and arrow, my bow quiver, and all the arrows it holds, can shrink and turn into a golden broach, I just have to rub it and they'll grow into normal size.

Family: I don't know them, I was dropped off at camp as a baby.