Harper Vans is the daughter of Athena, greek goddess of Wisdom and Strategy. She has been on no quests yet. 


Harper Vans is the daughter of greek goddess Athena and a Russian militant that she knows little about other than that he might be a general. She grew up in San Diego with her father's ex-wife, Emma Vans, and her half brother, Archer Vans. When she attended the San Diego Comic Con last year she ran into a satyr named Benny. He helped her fight the creatures hidden among the costumed fans. Afterward she travelled to Camp Half Blood. Once she got there Athena claimed her by putting a tattoo of an owl on her right shoulder.


Harper has tan skin from living in southern California her whole life. She also has pixie cut her that used to be light brown before the sun made it turn a dark blonde color. Her eyes are the color of a storm similar to the other Athena children. She also has a tattoo of an owl on her right shoulder.


Harper doesn't have any known powers but like other half bloods she has exceptional strength. As a daughter of Athena she also has enhanced intellect that half bloods with other godly parents don't possess.


A pair of chopsticks given to her by her mother and can change into twin short swords. Harper is skilled at wielding twin blades that are small enough like daggers and short swords.


Her father is a Russian militant however she doesn't know anything else about him. Her biological mother is Athena (even if she came out of her brain) and her adoptive mother is Emma Vans. She also has a half brother named Archer Vans. Her other siblings include the kids of Athena's cabin at Camp Half Blood.