Evan Krise is a son of Hades, Greek god of the Underworld.


Hello, I'm Evan

I was born in 1995 somewhere in Arizona. Since I don't know my real birthdate I chose June 6th. I don't know much about my mom, she died in a car crash when I was 1. I only know she was named Mary. I was thrown around several foster homes. When I was 13, I finally was put into a foster home where I felt welcome. But one day, while I was at school, I had a horrible feeling in my stomach. I ran home and it was on fire. The firemen were already there trying to put it out. I ran past them and tried to find my foster family in the house. Something was telling me they were gone, but I didn't believe it. I checked the attic in one last attempt to find them, but of course no one was there.I tried to run out the house but I tripped and fell into a flame, it got my arm. I frantically tried to put out the fire on my arm while running out. I finally got it out after escaping the house. Right before I blacked out I saw a shadowy, goth looking boy take my good arm and I passed out.

Long story short: I woke up, noticed my right arm was gone, met my father, trained in combat, and was sent to Camp.

If you want to hear the rest, stop by the Hades Cabin and I'll tell you.



  • NAME: Evan Krise

  • AGE: 18

  • BIRTHDAY: June 6

  • FAMILY: Mother (deceased)


  • HEIGHT: 5'10

  • EYE COLOUR: Left eye is pure black, right eye is cloudy black and white

  • HAIR COLOUR: Black

  • SKIN COLOUR: Whiter than snow

  • USUALLY WEARS: Hoodie and sweatpants


  • POWERS: Shadow travel, death sensor, detect valuable resources underground


  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: Scimitar named Forefunner


  • COLOUR: 

  • FOOD:


  • SPORT:

  • MOVIE: 

  • MUSIC: