Dormio is a son of Hypnos, Greek god of sleep.


Hey I am 16. My dad just claimed me the other day after he woke me from a 4 year coma. He said that if you want to sleep and wake up again that I would have to sleep on this pillow it's amazzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry dozzzzz(shakes head)zed off there. I do that alot haha. He told me to come here and sleep in safety, but I've been sleeping for four years and I wanna have some fun. I wanna learn what I can do and where I can help. Haha my dad is Hypnos, god of sleezzzzzzzz

Profile:(The son of Hypnos. A not so doughboy. Dormio is an average camper that can't sleep in his cabin with his brothers and sisters, so he has a hard time getting rest. He likes to compete in the games and train with the other campers. He is well-liked by the other campers but is a kinda joke because he is his fathers son. Since he has the sleeping problem Dormio falls asleep at random times around the camp. Whether that's during a game of capture the flag or during a chariot race, Dormio can't help it.

Dormio is 5'9 and dreamy eyes, eyes that if you stare at them to long you get lost in a daydream. He has tan skin and dark brown hair. He is fit but still kinda doughy since its his nature. He is best friends with Rachel the oracle. Dormio also has a power that demigods would consider rare. He just doesn't have lucid dreams but can connect everyone's dream and enter dreams.He is a dream Weaver.

He carries around a pillow that is a gift from his dad. It puts any god and demigod into and internal sleep unless there head is removed from the pillow. He used it regularly and when he sleep randomly. He wheres white pants and camp t-shirt. He has a white sleeping cap on him at all times and a white fur coat.)



  • NAME: Dormio 'Daum'

  • AGE: 16


  • FAMILY: 


  • HEIGHT: 5'9

  • EYE COLOUR: Dreamy

  • HAIR COLOUR: Dark Brown

  • SKIN COLOUR: Tanned

  • USUALLY WEARS: White pants and camp t-shirt


  • POWERS: Can enter people's dreams




  • COLOUR: 

  • FOOD:


  • SPORT:

  • MOVIE: 

  • MUSIC: