Caleb is a Son of Aeolus, the Greek Lord of the Winds. He has been on two quests.

Backstory and other informationEdit

Hi. As of now, I'm the only child of Aeolus. Hopefully I'll find some cabin-mates.

I am currently 14, and was born in Columbus, Ohio. Nothing weird happened until I was about 12. In fact, I did not even know my father was not my biological father until then. When I was 12, I got mad because of kids at school were trying to fight me. When this happened, I got really angry. When I started to yell at him and fight back, a large wind storm came. I then realized I could control the winds. It was as easy as moving your arm. I pushed the kids back with the wind. Then I started running. Faster than usual, as if the winds were pushing me. When I finally got to a home, I realized how tired I was. I slept for the rest of the weekend. During that sleep was the first time my real father had spoken to me. I could not see him, but I could hear him. He said explained to me what I was ( He said that I was half a god, and the Greek/Roman gods I learned about in school were real, though he did not say what God was my father ) and told me that I needed to do whatever my friend, Zack, said. The next week, he told me to follow him. We got into a taxi. After all the unusual things that were happening, I was not going to question him. When I arrived, I was at Camp Half-Blood. Chiron explained everything, and i Iris messaged my mother, who in tears said she understood completely. A few months later, the day I turned 13, my father claimed me. I've been practicing since then.


Aeolus: Greek lord of winds. Caleb has never met him, but has heard him in dreams.

Nieve Young: Caleb's older half-sister. He does not know her very well.


Caleb is usually nice,shy,and laid back. He tries not to be very emotional, as that can control the weather.


Can control wind and weather. Sometimes his emotions can control weather as well. (Example, he is sad so it starts raining)


1.Multiple enchanted daggers from his father that the wind carries back to him when thrown.

2. A longbow.

3. A falchion made out of mixed metals.