name: Alex Moon

age: 13

personality: reclusive, kind, introverted, respectful, loyal, his insecurity led for him to amass his weapon collection and to train excessively, he is careful

gender: male

parentage: Artemis, Zagreus

backstory: He was on his own since he was a kid, living in an orphanage. Where the person in charge, a disgusting fat woman named Mrs. Quincy, hated him giving him the meanest of rations, and beating him for anything she could think of. He was 2 years old when he went into "Saint Maria's Home for the Homeless". School was not much better the principal, Mr. Roberts, despised him, and he got detention regularly coming to the orphanage late and suffering from extra beatings. He did have one friend, Brian. Brian was a weird kid, he had an obsession with Thai food, he always wore jeans or long pants, and he had crutches. Brian was the only reason he put up with it. At age 9 he ran away when his principal turned into an earthborn, an enormous humaniod creature with 6 massive arms, and began to attack him. He was running as fast as he could when he glanced upward, and an enormous arm was about to pummel him. Out of instinct he raised his hand and a glowing white blast of energy ripped apart the essence of the earthborn. Then naturally he passed out. When he woke up a woman and Brian were staring at him, and the lady looked familiar. She had the the same pale skin and the same white eyes as him, and she had brilliant brown hair. She told him that she was his mother and that he was a demigod and the directions to camp. Brian told him that he was a satyr, and he helped him get to Camp-Halfblood safely. Artemis then made him the first male hunter of Artemis. Story of birth. Alex was a god as a newborn but to protect herself from Zeus's wrath, Artemis joined his soul, mind, and body to a mortal boy doomed to die in childbirth. The act turned him into a demigod.

appearance: Midnight-black curly hair, moon-white skin and eyes, a silver glow

powers: moon bending, necromancy, monster control, hell/dark fire control, apprentice of Pasiphae, heals in moonlight, shadow travels with moonlight, strength.

weapons; moonfire a grey short sword that burst into white blackfire, moonflame a grey short sword that bursts into white hellfire, both swords mist form is a silver bracelet, both swords are a mixture of fengarian asimi/moon silver and stygian iron, a silver bow mist form is a belt, tartarian steel headphones that turn into a mask of fear.

pets: fang a wolf, Aidoneos a 3 headed helhound(son of Cerberus and Mrs. O'leary)

Fatal Flaw: not trusting enough